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"...Could Be the most perfect item ever created" -awesome inventions .com

We're passionately crafting the next evolution of the ceramic mug. Hot beverages stay warmer (and more flavorful) longer. Hold and warm donuts, cookies, bagels, and other pastries. Drip trap prevents stains. Mustache guard preserves style. "They had me at donut." -The Chive


Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it hold?

Up to 16 ounces

What can I put on the top?

There are no rules

You should have named this Cup Full ‘o Awesome, because it is! That or Mugnut.

Thanks, although that’s not a question!

What is it made out of?

100% Ceramic

Does the top-lid-plate-thingy come off or is it one piece?

The Donut Suspension Technology and Organic Thermal Insulation work cohesively via the unibody design. *cough* Translation, yes it's one piece. The large opening allows easy access to pour, stir, and clean. The small opening serves lefties and also works as a mustache guard. It is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Does it come with donuts?

B.Y.O.D. Bring Your Own Donuts. You’ll be glad you did!

Frequently Asked Questions

Flavor Saver

Don’t you hate it when your cup of coffee or tea gets cold? Studies show that heat loss = flavor loss too. We’re trapping more warmth and flavor inside your cup thanks to the built-in lid. With the Best. Morning. Ever. Mug, the flavor you love is locked in until the very last sip. Once you experience it you’ll never go back to a regular mug again!

Donut Warmer

Behold, donut suspension technology! By placing your favorite snack on top of your mug’s special treat warmer, you can enjoy your baked good in all of it’s glory! The possibilities capture the imagination, and the aromas, warmth, and flavor have to be experienced!

Joyful Design

Do you think the world could use a little brightening? We do too. If you've read this far then it's our hope that something made you smile, or feel hope, or feel alive. Sometimes it's the little things, you know? Perhaps you can show some goodness to someone who needs it today? Maybe we'll brighten the world just a little? Perhaps over a hot cup of coffee? Best. Morning. Ever.