About Us

Here at Funcommon our aim is to delight customers with products that are surprising, fun, and uncommon!  Our first product release is aimed at helping coffee lovers enjoy an experience like never before with a new kind of coffee mug.  Thanks to a simple innovation, our thermal tray defines what makes the Best Morning Ever Mug so unique.

What started as a fun idea turned into a product that was also highly functional.  We surprised ourselves with how good of a job the mug kept coffee warmer for a longer period of time.  And when it's time for a donut, muffin, or other such treat the mug holds and perfectly warms it up! No need for a separate dish, your mug now has a built-in warming plate.

Our company is based out of beautiful Satellite Beach, FL.  Founder and Owner Tommy Medwin Jr. loves surfing, making music, and spending time with his wife and three children.  Delivering a quality product and putting a smile on our customer's face is important to us, so feel free to reach out via email here:


We hope you enjoy the mug and feel inspired to start your best day every day!