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Let's face it, sometimes the only thing that drags us out of bed is knowing there's that morning cup of coffee to look forward to.  We've always been a fan of cool and unique mugs to make coffee time more pleasurable.  Who doesn't like to to open up the cabinet and pull out a fun mug to drink from?  So we wanted to up the ante and attempt to make that cup of coffee more delightful than ever.

We like products that aren't just novel, but also ones that solve a real problem.  The world needs solutions, not more complaining about problems.  Become a solution specialist.  We like interesting designs and something that surprises us!  So here are the ideas that were percolating in our brains for making a new kind of coffee mug:  

How can we keep the coffee from cooling off so quickly (without a travel mug with a lid of course)? What else makes for a truly pleasurable morning coffee?  The aromas?  The first sip?  Donuts?!  Yes, donuts freshly made that are still warm and melt in your mouth!  That's about as good as it gets.  Oh and what about muffins or cookies fresh out of the oven? Can we somehow integrate that into a mug?  How about we use the heat from the coffee to warm these foods!  What is the innovation that will help us accomplish this?  

This line of thinking led us to develop the thermal tray which is integrated into the mug itself.  After a lot of testing we discovered several benefits that really surprised and excited us.  The tray serves to retain more heat inside the mug like a lid, thus keeping the coffee hotter for a longer period of time.  It also has openings on both sides for right and left handed drinkers.  One opening is big enough to still allow easy access for sugar, creamer, and stirring.  

The thermal tray also serves as a warming plate.  The heat from the coffee creates an oven-like warming tray to hold and nicely warm a donut, muffin, cookie, scone, or whatever else.  You can sip from the mug while your food stays in tact on the plate.  This eliminates the need for a separate dish.  You can even eat without having to lift a finger.  No more sticky fingers!  And then there's the smell of coffee and donuts mingled together.  You can even let the donut rest over the opening in the tray allowing coffee to pass through it as you sip.  Mmm, yeah.  

As delightful as all of that is, we wouldn't be so bold as to claim that this is the best mug in the world.  We would, however, like to inspire people to look forward to facing the world and pursuing their dreams.  Today's a new day.  The past is gone and the present is called the present for a reason.  So wake up and make this your best morning ever.  Remember, joy comes in the morning! There are no problems, only challenges.  What challenge can you find a solution for today?

"Every day isn't always a good day,  but I can find the good in every day."


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